Wii fit

    Just bought one of those Wii's on offer in Asda and want wii fit,

    Anyone know the best place to get it, cheapest first if poss.

    Many thanks


    a bit like rocking horse poo at the moment.
    most places are stacking the price upto £120
    but if anyone knows one at a reasonable price then I am interested as well


    use this site:…asp

    keep it open in your browser and it will refresh every minute telling you if there is stock of wii fit online!!!

    i used a similar checker @ christmas time when the actual wii was hard to find!

    hope this helps!


    oh, and this website:…spx

    i would just leave the 2 websites up all day until you get a wii fit!!!!!!

    best answer is wait about a fortnight for next shipment too arrive from china/ have waited for a great deal on console so im sure you can wait 2 more weeks for wi fit lol
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