Wii Fit

    i know its probably a stupid question but does anyone know where i can get one of these?

    apart from ebay and over priced amazon sellers?

    tried everywhere online and cant find anything, not even to order it and wait till its in.


    this site is good for finding it…tml you can set it to send you an email when in stock :thumbsup:

    This has to be a delberate marketing ploy surely. After 18 months of hard to find Nintendo Wii's, now Nintendo are moving on to controlling stocks of their software/hardware so people who actually have a Wii now cant get the games for it? Is there any sense in this strategy?

    hmv in edinburgh had them so maybe hmv nationwide have them in stock???

    Original Poster

    i'll give that stock check one a try, site doesnt seem to be worknig at the moment, but will check it again tommorow.

    Its in stock on toys r us us website for only 89 dollars including delivery, unsure if your interested,…628

    my hmv in stevenage had it in stock today

    wii fit now available at argos (evesham branch)

    I want one but not that badly! (long way from Leicester!)
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