Wii Fit

    Where can you get hold of these things without paying through the nose for them????

    Help would be appreciated..


    By ringing high st stores each asking if they have any and asking them to keep you one.

    Ive seen HMV in my area with them stacked up instore twice for £69.99 in the past fortnight, where as most of the online retailers will bundle them up

    Zavvi and HMV in Trafford Centre had loads yesterday. Best to look around. The stocks seem to be coming in faster now, and going out slower. You should be ok.

    Online you can leave this site (]http//ww…spx) open and it will alert you when any stock comes in so you can order there and then. At the mo there are just bundles but they do get wii fits at 69.99 on here too.

    Try an Asda Living if you have one near you. I got one from ours yesterday for £64.71 and they've had 3 deliveries this week, admittedly though they sell out quite quickly so ring first. Our Asda superstore don't get any at all but if you don't have an Asda Living near you, perhaps your Asda might have them instead.

    keep checking the argos wesite i got one from there a couple of weeks ago

    Try Morrisons, they were in stock in the Northampton branch this weekend.


    Got one in Sainsbury's yesterday.

    BUT have no idea wot I bought but seems like a good deal 'cause I heard you were all talking about it here.

    Nephew has never had games beofre. Does not have a computer (has a learning disability). So need basic kit to get him started. Sbury's one seem to fit the bill. But seeing HMV deals which seem to be cheaper, or is that different spec?
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