wii fit advice

    Hi I am sorry if I sound thick but Im looking to buy the wii fit board and was just wondering if there was a dirrerent between the original board and the wii fit plus board. Im not sure if its the game that is just different,

    Please help and plese dont call me thicko lol

    will r any help


    theres no difference between the boards, only the games. Wii fit plus has extra games on the disc

    Well the main difference between the wii fit abd the wii fit plus is that with the wii fit plus you now get 6 new exercises which are added to the existing line-up and can now be accessed and started much more quickly than before. You can also try them out as part of a specialised workout routine, specifically designed to work on a different part of your body or to last a set length of time.

    There are also 15 new brand new mini balance games, including special Balance Board homages to Super Mario and Pilotwings, as well as a cycling game and the world’s first Segway sim and a great addition for pets … pet fit plus allows you to weigh your pet cat or dog on the scales and keep track of their fitness via their own special in-game profile.

    Do you have to buy everything again if you wanted to upgrade?

    No, the new wii fit plus is available to buy with or without the balance board, so if you already have the wii fit and the balance board all you need to do is buy the game only

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    thanks I dont have a balance board thats why i was asking if there was a difference so thanks for that :):)
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