Wii Fit anywhere?

    as above, does anyone know where there are any in stock for my ickle niece?
    Rep for help.


    dont they have them in asda?

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    dont they have them in asda?

    not where i live out in the sticks i'm afraid:x


    Try WH Smiths. Loads in stock where I am usually.

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    Try WH Smiths. Loads in stock where I am usually.

    cheers, none in woolies:oops:

    Is she desperate for Wii Fit? As i have Family Trainer and its fab really good fun and a brill workout lol


    ] get them in al the time and its £24 hr delivery via courier, plus cheaper than most places to



    Or if your really lucky.......they send you one free.....:-D

    you aint Lucky!

    getting a free Wii Fit is REALLY lucky...

    Getting a free wii fit AND another Wii on top of the one you ordered all for £163 is called being a **** ****

    looking back I wish I hadnt given you that £3 off code of mine :x

    If you keep this link in mind...…e=1 will show you when a Deal post is made on this site about a Wii Fit

    WH Smiths :thumbsup:

    hi ,hmv have them in stock at the moment for £69.99 delivered.The website shows as in stock but it wont let you add to your basket, i phoned them and placed my order over the phone ( 0845 603 8576 ) its getting delivered in 5-7 days. Hope this helps.

    Yup! ^^^^^^
    Just did the same too. The lady on at HMV said they are shown as 'In stock' but 'not available' becaus ethey want people to call so they dont buy more than one at once cos of the huge demand.

    She also said they had plenty in stock so hurry!!
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