Wii fit Balance board

    Looking to buy a second hand one as new seem to be out of stock everywhere, anyone have one for sale and hoiw much please?


    looked on ebay and seen people selling voucher for £30.00 off a new wii fit board.
    I think they have got the £30.00 off voucher off here lol.
    If you have not used very etc you can use the voucher so £39.00 ish for anew one.

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    None in stock there or anywhere else. does have the original balance board in stock at £60, what is the difference between this and the new one, anyone know?


    Nothing!!! The difference is the game you get with the new board! Wii fit plus games has lots of extra games and options!! Think you can pick it up for £15 quid from most shops! Check asda for boards mind you I gotine from very with plus for £69 before Xmas.

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    Thanks to both of you for this, the next one will do me nicely.
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