Wii Fit Compatable Games

Does any one know what games are compatable with the wii fit balance board for the wii console.

I have seen

Wii Fit
Shaun Whites Snowboarding and the snowboarding addon for the wii fit balance board

what else is there


I'm pretty sure Rayman Raving Rabits is.


I'm pretty sure Rayman Raving Rabits is.

yes so is :
skate it
family ski
G1 Jockey
all star cheer squad

There is also a couple of games on Wiiware that use it

Platchen Twist and Paint (this is an awful game AVOID)

There is also some games coming in Q1 that will use it.

No doubt Kororinpa being the star. Has to be one of the most underrated games on Wii, what Super Monkey Ball should have been. Oh and for the record Shawn White is fantastic on Wii useing the board control method.
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