Wii fit from Tesco Direct :-( problem

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Found 18th Dec 2008
just checked my tesco direct account and under the Wii Fit that I ordered yesterday is the message "Sorry there is a problem with this item. Our customer services team will contact you shortly "

Looks highly likely the kids won't be getting it for Christmas now.

Have not heard a thing from customer services, no phone call and no email and if I hadn't have checked my account and I would have been none the wiser until I queried why it hadn't arrived


phone them


phone them


may be just that the order is delayed a day. thats the message that was on my account last week when my phone didnt turn up on the day specified.

Original Poster

phoned them to be told so many orders placed that there wasn't enough to go round and my order has been cancelled

OP is looking for £70 for it here... ]http//ww…it/

Where abouts are you?

Wii Fits seem to be quite readily available on the High Street atm - I would sit down on the internet and phone round all the stores I could think of, you should find one ok :thumbsup:


Just checked my order with them after reading this. Ready to collect from store so i think you must have been unlucky. :-(


Have you checked WH Smiths?! They have been having LOADS in stock in my local branch.
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