Found 5th Dec 2008
does anyone know where i can buy a wii fit game on its own as my childrens have scratched my disk and it wont work. dont really want to re buy the whole thing
many thanks


CEX have them for £25…Wii

Or you could try *bay

Before you spend £25 on a disc - have you tried a cd scratch repairer?? Could be a cheaper option??

Original Poster

thanks have tried the scratch repair and it still wont work.
i have now rang nintendo direct and they have replacement disks to order from them so have done that.
thanks for the help anyway

check here…jsp

this is the US site, but Nintendo will replce broken discs for a small charge (Last time i checked it was £7) but has probably changed now. The US site might work for the UK if not do some looking or give nintendo a ring, hope it helps

Or hairspray sometimes works

Hi, I have this problem too. Thanks for the advice.
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