WII fit games,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bought the little fella a wii fit and need suggestions on which games are best to
play with it and which to avoid,,,,,,



He'll love the Ski game and Rayman which are compatible with the Wii Fit board. My eldest thinks they are great.

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He'll love the Ski game and Rayman which are compatible with the Wii Fit … He'll love the Ski game and Rayman which are compatible with the Wii Fit board. My eldest thinks they are great.

Thanks never thought of rayman,

the TV party one for rayman.
its hard though, i stick my little boy on it and i have move him around as a controller.
full list.

My Fitness Coach: Tone Your Body (Ubisoft) Out Fall 2009
My Fitness Coach - Tone Your Body guides players through numerous, intense, weight and stamina-increasing exercises including squats, skipping, alternative movements, etc.

My Personal Trainer with IMG Acadamies and David Leadbetter
Improve your golfing prowess with the help of IMG Acadamies and golfing know-it-all David Leadbetter, using the Wii Balance Board to provide feedback on your posture

New U: Fitness First Personal Trainer - released Q3 2009
A collaboration of Fitness First and You Are What You Eat, NewU includes real-life video of six of Fitness First’s leading Personal Trainers to take you through a custom workout.

Overturn (Studio Zan) WiiWare - Out: TBA
Battle will robots using Wii Balance Board control in this futuristic WiiWare release.

Playmobil: Circus (Mindscape) - Out October 2009
Playmobil: Circus gives players the chance to live out the lives of their favourite playthings as Circus stars, using the Wii Balance Board in a variety of death-defying activities.

Play the World (Hause Tivola)
In Play the World, gamers are led on a 'breathaking' journey around the globe, offering up 12 fast-paced mini-games in some of the planet's most famous locations.

Punch Out!! (Nintendo) Out May 18th.
Nintendo re-imagines its classic boxing sim for the Nintendo Wii, with revolutionary controls, updated graphics, new gameplay modes and characters - and, of course, Wii Balance Board support.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Ubisoft) - Out now!
Ubisoft's third Rayman Raving Rabbids title features over 65 mini-games, many of which include Balance Board control, such as the now-infamous ass-controlled ski run.

Rilakkuma Wii (Spring 2009, Japan Only)
Live life with Rilakkuma and all his friends in this Wii Balance Board-supported title based on the cutesy Japanese character.

Rock 'N Roll Climber (Nintendo WiiWare) Out TBA
Developed by Giles Goddard, the man behind 1080 Snowboarding, Rock 'N Roll Climber sees players using the Wii Balance Board to help them scale vertical walls and rock out with guitars!

Shape Boxing: Wii de Enjoy! Diet (Rocket Company) - Out now! (Japan).
Players take part in 28 lessons based on the Kyohei Boxing gym to work at improving both your body and soul.

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip (Ubisoft) - Out now!
Fronted by the young Californian snowboarding supremo, Ubisoft's simulation allows players to freely explore a giant mountain, using the Balance Board to carve down the piste and perform tricks.

Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage (Ubisoft) - Out Winter 2009
Shaun White returns exclusively to the Wii, and this time the action takes the carrot-topped extreme sportsman all over the planet.

Skate City Heroes (Zoo Games) - Out now!
A futuristic action racer in which players stand astride on the Wii Balance Board, whilst taking down enemies and avoiding obstacles on a daring rescue mission.

Skate It (Electronic Arts) - Out now!
A spin-off of EA's Skate franchise, players venture through the city of San Vanelona on their skateboard, a metropolis recently damaged by a series of natural disasters.

Ski and Shoot (Conspiracy Entertainment) - Out: TBA
A cross country skiing simulator in which the Balance Board's weight-sensitive measuring will come into play.

Sled Shred (Southpeak Interactive), Out Fall 2009
Take to the slopes with the famous Jamaican bobsleigh team as you race for glory in a variety of downhill vehicles.

Snowboard Riot (Hudson Soft, WiiWare) - Out now!
In something of a mix between Coolboarders and Snowboard Kids, Snowboard Riot will allow up to four players to race against one another on the slopes, with the addition of weapons thrown into the pot.

Tetris Party (Hudson Soft, WiiWare release) - Out now!
The Nintendo Wii's first Balance Board-compatible downloadable WiiWare title, with a game mode specifically tailored towards the accessory.

The Biggest Loser (THQ), Out October 27th 2009.
Just like the hit NBC show, your goa in The Biggest Loserl is to accomplish weight loss milestones through weekly training and exercise challenges

Tokyo Friend Pack 2 (Spike) - Out Summer 2009 (Japan Only)
Based on the Japanese game show of the same name, Tokyo Friend Park 2 sees players competing as contestants in all of its wacky challenges.

The Incredible Maze (Digital Leisure, WiiWare) - Out now!
Your goal is simple - escape the maze by navigating a marble through its twists and turns, negotiating the many obstacles along the way. A snip at 500 Wii Points.

Vertigo (PlayLogic) - Out now!
Play as a Xorber, part one of the meanest racing corporations in the galaxy, and will race across 54 different landscapes in 9 varying worlds - with help of the Wii Balance Board of course.

Walk It Out (Konami) Out: TBA
In Walk It Out, players stroll through a virtual world that evolves in sync with an on-screen avatar's footsteps., to the sounds of over 120 pop and rock songs.

We Ski/Family Ski (Namco Bandai) - Out now!
Join the members of Happy Ski Lodge, exploring the surrounding mountains by competing in races, running errands and snapping photos of the natural beauty.

We Ski & Snowboard (US) / Family Ski and Snowboard (EU): Out now!
The sequel to We Ski / Family Ski adds the thrill of snowboarding into the mix, as well as more pistes to explore, challenges to complete, and tricks to bust!

Wii Fit (Nintendo) - Out now!
Nintendo's exer-gaming title comes packed with the Balance Board. Over 40 exercises get users up and moving, allowing them to track their weight loss progress.

Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo) - Out Winter 2009
The long-awaited sequel to Wii Fit, including brand new exercises and customisable workouts.

Wii Music (Nintendo) - Out now!
Wii Music makes use of the Balance Board in its drum kit simulator, using the accessories touch-sensitive areas to mimic the bass drum pedals.

Winter Sports 2 (Conspiracy Entertainment) - Out now!
A sequel to the 2007 effort, Winter Sports 2 adds Balance Board functionality for events such as skiing and bobsleigh.

possibly us

World Championship Athletics (Conspiracy) - Out now!
Run, throw, swim and jump to glory in World Championship Athletics, which supports the Wii Balance Board to enhance the sporting experience.

Yoga for Wii (JoWood) - Out: Q2 2009.
Software that'll give Wii Fit yoga fanatics much more to do, complete with an on-screen fitness instructor.

possibly us

Go Play Lumberjacks (Majesco) Out June 2009
Go Play Lumberjax is a party game that lets players use the Wii Remote to chop, climb, saw and logroll to victory in more than 15 outdoor events.

Hula Wii: Minna de Hula wo Odorou (Dance Hula Together) - Out now! (Japan).
A Wii Balance Board game focussed teaching players the art of Hawaiin dancing.

Hula Wii 2, Out: October 2009 (Japan Only)
The videogaming world's only Hula Dancing sim returns to the Wii, with more Balance Board support to boot.

Imagine Fashion Party / Imagine Fashion Idol (Ubisoft) - Out now!
Fancy yourself as a budding fashion designer? Imagine Fashion Party gives you the chance to prove your credentials on reality television, using your Balance Board skills to impress the judges while you model your creations.

Imagine Party Babyz/Babysitting Party (Ubisoft) - Out Now!
Imagine Party Babyz (known as Babysitting Party in Europe) gives players the chance to take care of, and teach a group of young 'uns skills to help them develop. The Balance Board will be used in a number of mini-games.

Intervilles (Mindscape) - Out June - France Only
Based on the French television show of the same name, Intervilles uses the Wii Balance Board in a number of wacky mini-games.

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009 (3G Studios) - Out now!
Fronted by the star of NBC's The Biggest Loser, Fitness Ultimatum 2009 features a tiered exercise regime at Michaels' fitness camp, climbing ladders, rowing, and hill climbing using the Balance Board.

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010 (Majesco), Out Fall 2009.
Jillian Michaels returns on Nintendo Wii with more exercises, one-to-one training and 6 month fitness planners.

Koh-Lanta (Mindscape) - Out now! (France only).
The French version of TV show Survivor, Koh-Lanta sees players using the Wii Balance Board in many of the programme's popular challenges.

Marble Saga: Kororinpa (Hudson Soft) - Out now!
In a game that sees you rolling marbles across 100 tricky and varied environments from Point A to Point B, Hudson Soft has designed 10 special stages that make use of the Wii Balance Board.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Join Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog as they jet off to compete in the Winter Olympics, and use the Wii Balance Board in a number of competitive events to bag the coveted gold medal.

Mind, Body, Soul: Nutrition Matters
Nutrition Matters for Nintendo Wii offers users the ability to track their net calorific gains and losses through exercise and dieting.

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Thanks for that but was more looking for suggestions from people who have played them, Not really interested in the fitness games but games for a ten year old,I just dont want to pay £30 for a game and find out its carp,:thumbsup:

Academy of Champions (Ubisoft), Out TBA 2009
Created by Ubisoft Vancouver, Academy of Champions engages players in a rich, story-driven adventure around the world’s most popular sport - soccer.

All Star Cheer Squad/ All Star Cheerleader (THQ) - Out now!
Aimed specifically at girls, All Star Cheer Squad aims to propel players into the world of professional cheerleading with the help of the Balance Board.

All Star Cheer Squad 2 (THQ, Out Fall 2009)
All Star Cheer Squad is back, and this time you're troupe leader. Use the Wii Balance Board and two Wii Remotes to wow crowds on a tour around the world.

Arthur and the Revenge of the Maltazard
Based on the 2009 animated film, Arthur and the Revenge of the Matazard includes a number of mini-games that support use of the Wii Balance Board.

Daisy Fuentes Pilates (SEGA), Out Summer 2009
In Daisy Fuentes Pilates, players are guided through pilates sessions with a virtual Daisy Fuentes, using the Wii Balance Board to help provide feedback on their progress.

Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2
The classic franchise returns to the Nintendo Wii, this time with an exercise slant and support for the Wii Balance Board.

Diva Girls: Divas on Ice (505 Games) - Out now!
Diva Girls: Divas On Ice for Wii allows players to compete in a 3D environment for the first time with realistic skating steps in fourteen different arenas in both daytime and nighttime modes.

Doctor Fizzwhizzle's Animal Rescue
Doctor Fizzwhizzle's Animal Rescue is a puzzle game in which players bounce a bubble across the screen to break boxes, collect power-ups, and rescue animals.

Don King Boxing (2K Sports) - Out now!
As well as big fight action, 2KSports' boxing simulator takes players behind the scenes, where the Balance Board is used to train in the likes of skipping, sprinting and sparring.

EA Sports Active (Electronic Arts) - Out: May 19th, 2009.
EA's answer to Wii Fit, EA Sports Active includes over 20 exercise activities and comes bundled with accessories to benefit your routine, including a resistance strap for upper body workouts. The Balance Board is used in many of its activities.

Equilibrio (DK Games) WiiWare - Out: TBA
Use the Wii Balance Board to tilt the environment and roll your ball to the exit - be mindful of traps and pitfalls, and use all manner of objects to aid your course!

Family Golf (Arc System Works) WiiWare - Out: TBA
Arc System Works' crazy golf-themed WiiWare title allows players to use the Wii Balance Board in changing the stance of their golfer. A bargain at 500 Wii Points.

G1 Jockey Wii 2008 (KOEI) - Out now! (Europe)
A horse racing simulator in which players will be able to lean from side to side on the Balance Board to direct their four-legged beast, as well as leap over the course's jumps.

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (Ubisoft) - Out March 2009
Claiming to give the most intense fitness workout on the Nintendo Wii, Gold's Gym Cardio Workout includes exercises including running, sit-ups and cardio boxing.

Go Play Circus Star (Majesco), Out June 2009
Go Play Circus Star lets players perform for the big top crowds in 15 different games, including tightrope walking, human cannon ball, knife throwing and lion taming.

Go Play City Sports (Majesco), Out Summer 2009
Go Play City Sports features six classic games played on street “courts” filled with manhole covers and parked cars.
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