Wii Fit-Glasgow Fort

    I just found out today that Zavvi at the Glasgow Fort got in 30 wii fits. They don't expect them to be there for long, they sell out pretty quickly.

    I've had a look at other sites. On amazon the minimum price is £85 and on game they only seem to come with other packs, ie wii fit family, wii fit ski. Zavvi, as far as I'm aware, are selling them at rrp but I'm fairly sure it's one unit per customer.

    Anyway if anyone is interested I'll try to keep this updated because a lot of folk are wanting them for christmas.


    I cant believe these are so hard to get hold of still. I picked 2 up about 3 months ago from ASDA living in Oldham and they were £57.91 each...... though all demmand have died down.

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    Maybe in Manchester but the Wii Fits at the Fort were sold out within the hour. I've not been told when they are expecting more unfortunately

    Lol just phoned the fort and they sold in less than an hour. If you hear of any more esp around Glasgow could you please let me know m8?

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    No bother. They've not got any more in as far as I'm aware. I'm only able to tell you on the day because that's when they tend to find out if they've got some coming in.

    Zavvi at the Fort has sold out of individual gameboy they aren't expecting another shipment before Christmas. Chances are they might get some in but I can't say. They only have ds bundles left, ie get this gameboy and get this accessory pack and game for x amount. What I do know, however, is that Zavvi tends to have better deals going on than Game. Check out both but I'd bet Zavvi has the better deal.

    Ah cheers man

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    Apparently there's a lot of problems with delivery at the moment. As far as I know it's to do with the demise of Woolworths and a distribution company they owned? I'm not sure about the ins and outs but stock just isn't getting delivered to places. I don't know how widespread it is.
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