1. Tes Deals

    wii fit in store @ tesco, gloucestershire

    no idea how many we have got in but i know we had some today, no idea if we got any left but hey its worth the drive if ya live near bye.... the store is the big one in cirencester

    i know a few people on here live near so would help any that are after one @ retail price


    too busy for me to be arsed

    Original Poster


    too busy for me to be arsed

    tell me about it ......... queued up around the roundabout to get in today ......... been packed to the rafters all day :x

    btw i know all the boxing day stuff on sale :-D (no idea on prices yet)

    37 inch technika tv down to £350(ish)
    32 inch sony down to £300 (ish)
    vax vacuums half price
    19 & 22 inch technika tv's reduced

    will find out the rest on tues / wednesday
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