Wii Fit Reservation codes- Argos

This isn't really a deal, but when I was on ebay today I noticed people are selling reservation codes for the Wii Fit. I got one for a leeds store for £2 which I didn't think was bad, but some people are selling them for up to £9. Hope it helps someone on the look out for one.


crazy having to pay just for reservation codes, I had 2 codes for Argos in Basildon which I gave away as I picked 1 up from Tesco on Friday.

I think it's terrible that they selling reservation codes.

No one HAS to pay for a reservation code!

If people didn't buy 'em,and I am assumong the seller does not want the item,they will then just become available stock,eventually!

Enterprising sellers,daft consumers.:whistling:

The reservations usually expire in the early evening (after 6, I think) and you can reserve them then. It happened a lot when the Wii first came out, and I was able to reserve one for my mate by timing it right.

It's an unpleasant form of profiteering. Argos and Ebay don't seem particularly bothered about it, but I'd always rather wait a few weeks than reward the people who do it.

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Well I bought and paid for one this morning at 9am and I'm still waiting for the code even though it expires at close of business today!
I didn't mind someone making £2 out of me cos it was cheaper than buying the Wii Fit on Ebay but this is just stealing and I doubt if I'll have any comeback. Have to keep trying my luck on the Argos site.

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I managed to reserve my own in Leeds today and playing on it as we speak!
Thanks in particular to David Alexander
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