Wii Fit Ski Jump Cheat.......??

    Does this work for anyone else......

    On Ski Jump on Wii fit, if you get a heavier person to do a jump under your name, the skiier will automatically jump at the beginning of the red 'jumping area' at the bottom of the slope. By this happening you can do the whole jump standing upright and stand very still hence get jumps over 200 metres.

    Not sure how much heavier the person has to be bu my girlfriend is approx 9 stone and I'm 13 stone and managed to get her a jump over 400m in jump 2 attempts.


    That's just cheating!:-D:p

    Are you saying you jump your girlfriend standing up. :w00t:

    That's too much information.

    I'm going to try this out, I posted ages ago about people possibly cheating.

    Ironically I've got my longest ever jumps on my mum's account and I'm about half her weight.…er/
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