Wii Fit - USA version

    My sister is off to the US soon and has asked me theres anything I would like brought back. I was thinking of getting the Wii fit here, if she buys it in the US will it be compatible with my UK Wii? (sorry if a silly question)

    Also anyone know how big the board is? If the box is big then theres no point asking to bring that back!



    I a sure it will not work with a UK PAL Wii.
    As far as size in concerned we can only guess that it will be
    big enough for two "large" feet, a gap in the middle and, knowing
    Nintendo, probably too much packaging :-D

    No it definately wont work on the uk wii (the game part anyway, the board wil maybe be compatible)

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    Thanks for that! Will just wait it out here then.


    uk wii is pal but usa is different

    You will need the Wii Freeloader
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