Wii fit wanted, best price/deal

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Found 14th Apr 2008
I know this is often posted but i wasn't going to give in and get one. Now i have decided i will try and order one but all the deals that have been posted seem to have ran out of stock or the price has gone up. Can anyone possibly point me in the direction of a good price or tell me a code to get it at a good price somewhere.
Thanks alot


Everywhere should be pre-order as it aint out till the 25Th April (although it says 15TH on some sites). Some places have stopped taking orders but your best bet would be to wonder into a highstreet retailer (like game) tomorrow morning.

Play.com is still taking orders, the £5 off voucher has expired, but there is still a 5% off one on here bringinging the price down to £66.49

Not sure if either of these will sway you, but in Gamestation they give you a Wii Fit Bag if you pre-order, and in Game you get a Wii Fit dumbell-shaped water bottle....:?

I heard today that Currys has fulfilled its pre-order stock and wont be taking any more pre-orders. There may be some spare stock in stores on release day but you'll have to take your chances on your local store having it.

I've had email in today to say they still taking pre orders and that's from HMV.


I've ordered ours about a mth ago at Tesco.
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