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    right this might not be the right section but you guys usually know the answer to stuff!
    we have a wii fit, which is fab as does my mum, my son wants to go and show her how far hes got on her wii, is there any way of saving his wii mee onto a memory card so he can do that or does he have to start again with his character? or maybe he can access it through the internet? thanks everyone jo


    i think if he just takes his wii remote he can link it to another wii console

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    does it save all the data on the remote then? ( sorry thicky mummy here):-D

    i think so,

    I think if you do into the Mii channel there is an option there to save to your Wiimote. This then gives the prompt to format and then from there Id assume you can choose which Mii to save to Wiimote.

    Alternatively if the Wii's are connected as friends then you should be able to have Mii's from one console wonder over to the other and so register the chosen Mii to that console and then check it that way.

    Not tried either of these yet but have been looking to do similar thing myself and that is my understanding of it so far.

    Let me know how you get on


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    thanks, hes trying it now... made no sense to me but at 11 it made perfect sense to him! will keep u posted!;-)

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    saving it to the remote saved his character, now how do we save the game data? any ideas anyone?
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