Wii Fits out of stock, Wii Mario Kart out of stock. Are Nintendo doing it on purpose?

With the massive shortage of Wii Fits, and now it appears the Wii Mario Kart, are Nintendo doing it so we talk bout the product and thus want it even more or are they actually that incompetent and cannot met the demand (in which case, make the release date later and have more in stock?!).

Is the Mario Kart shortage as bad as the Wii Fit shortage, is it going to be mid-June when they get the next shipment in?

Enough of my waffling on, your thoughts on it all, and how good is the Mario Kart, worth the money?


My OH wants wiifit and i really want mariokart, i won't pay over the odds for it though ill just be patient, so i suppose they are doing a half good job. Although some people will get sick of waiting and spend it on something else:)

I love Mario Kart. After recommendations on here i bought one.

Misses loves it as does my boy.. Really good fun!

Mario Kart is superb. Couldn't believe our luck when we bought a Wii on Saturday from Tesco and picked a copy of Mario Kart up with it straight off the shelf. Didn't realise how much in demand the game was.

i couldn't find wii fit anywhere but i've seen a few mario karts about

Im waiting for a wii fit, popped into woolworths today who said they wont be getting any untill mid June


i couldn't find wii fit anywhere but i've seen a few mario karts about

Same here

if it helps anyone, I think John Lewis have been getting a good supply of Mario Karts, I have seen loads in store (solihull branch) when I've been in there

Oh, and i hear that amazon.de have some more stock of Wii fit today.
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