Wii FreeLoader... your review please

    I have a Japanese version Wii, buying import games in UK isn't always easy. Recently I have come across the Wii FreeLoader, looks like just the thing I need to play some proper UK games.

    So for those of you who has bought FreeLoader, can you please give a quick review on it? Many thanks!


    can't really tell u much, but i had it for the gamecube and it worked fine, although i only used it a couple of times. You just pop it into the console, switch it on, then when it loads eject it (without switching console off of course) and then pop in imported disc as normal. I used it on a uk console to play import games. I think there was an issue with having different format "saves" on the same memory card, can't really remember but it may be something you might want to check out.

    I just had a look at play asia's site and apparantly there is an issue with it not working with newer firmware on the wii, so you would need to check that out too.

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    Thanks for the info, I knew Nintendo would do something to stop FreeLoader working... I guess I will give it a go anyway, a tenner wasted at the worst. ;-)
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