Wii Friend Codes!!!

Found 2nd Jan 2007
Lets Share Wii Friend Numbers!!

List So Far:
Antj87= 7320 5030 9926 4948
Wii Mail: W7320503099264948@wii.com

birdyboyuk= 1655 7772 8345 2764
Wii Mail: W1655777283452764@wii.com

big_anth= 3089 6225 8738 7685
Wii Mail: W3089622587387685@wii.com

vc54321(Vinny)= 8604 6730 5432 4186
Wii Mail: W8604673054324186@wii.com

boxblu= 6524 4539 9637 5612
Wii Mail: w6524453996375612@wii.com

uk-mobileshop= 3159 9715 0083 4354
Wii Mail: W3159971500834354@wii.com

landofdan= 1209 4120 6980 1873
Wii Mail: W1209412069801873@wii.com

poppy10= 8151 6914 4356 8167
Wii Mail: W8151691443568167@wii.com

krazie2004= 4358 3607 9194 4798
Wii Mail: W4358360791944798@wii.com

fwibble= 4512 3487 5774 5622
Wii Mail: W4512348757745622@wii.com

Repo= 4294 6476 3647 8511
Wii Mail: W4294647636478511@wii.com

Iand68= 3386 3871 4428 9814
Wii Mail: W3386387144289814@wii.com

Millski= 4356 2470 9765 9204
Wii Mail: W4356247097659204@wii.com

Phoenix_af= 7274 2613 3388 8841
Wii Mail: W7274261333888841@wii.com

Pawsntails= 6009 8830 9145 1407
Wii Mail: W6009883091451407@wii.com

Serj= 1407 2833 6061 6083
Wii Mail: W1407283360616083@wii.com

cutthroat_jake= 7674 5667 4778 7138
Wii Mail: W7674566747787138@wii.com

col= 7663 5759 2648 3917
Wii Mail: W7663575926483917@wii.com

BarneyL= 5200 6645 4517 7557
Wii Mail: W5200664545177557@wii.com

Jaz= 8435 4336 5964 9838
Wii Mail: W8435433659649838@wii.com


Susan= 4054 8945 0897 3637
Wii Mail: W4054894508973637@wii.com

James= 5616 2525 2643 2158
Wii Mail: W5616252526432158@wii.com

Browni= 7362 3124 5840 7647
Wii Mail: W7362312458407647@wii.com

Matkavs= 5633 7888 7791 8163
Wii Mail: W5633788877918163@wii.com

Budweiser= 3606 9793 4899 1640
Wii Mail: W3606979348991640@wii.com

Deejayone= 8945 5345 4381 4472
Wii Mail: W8945534543814472@wii.com

Ukads= 5062 7847 8713 2149
Wii Mail: W5062784787132149@wii.com
Community Updates
Just sat watching your avatar for about a minute, lol.
LOL @ Ducky

How come the stick men sort of grow a bum when they reach the edge of the cliff?
I think they put their arms behind their backs.
LOL Ah ha! Think you're right :oops:
Heres mine Ant,

1655 7772 8345 2764

You can call me Birdy :thumbsup:

I will add you later on

I think they put their arms behind their backs.

No, no... it's quite obvious that they're putting their hands on their hips!

OK, we're mods... should know better... :viking:

Wii codes anyone? :giggle:
will add you later birdy lol my avatar making mods spam my post

if i had ur power :x lol
lol, simple things please simple minds....:w00t: :giggle:

No offence mods/admins etc! :giggle:
i wander how many dead stick people there are!

after making avatar i didnt realise it looks like its 1 continuiose loop


my wii number is correct above !

what games can u play online?
lots of stick people!! lol

Unable to play games online yet, but you can send Miis to the Mii Parade. Thats about it so far.
There are games in the pipeline I believe tho! :w00t:
kool kool ill add u in a bit hehehe i have 8 mii's non in parade yet ill set em to tho when i add driends
My son sent me his Wii friend's code. I went nuts because I thought it was spam and it came through on my one spam free address used for family and friends only.

Avatars are great. I was mesmerised by sonia.town’s Christmas avatar and kept counting the number of Christmas trees that the smurf had walked passed.

Is rayman in your avatar Antj87?:-D
lol he could be!!!!!

then again so could a few other people!!!

lol i registered my email address on my wii

i got an email from my wii and i clicked spam aswell so done it again lol
here's my wii number .....

3089 6225 8738 7685

hukd will rule the wii/ mii world lol
Will add you big_anth. :thumbsup:

Any of you guys want to buy [url]ninwiitendo.co.uk??[/url]

I bought it hoping to do something with it, but im no good. Any idea on how much I could sell it for??
lol didnt know u could sell domains :P

u got hosting aswell?

maybe you could bash something to gether a uk help forum alk of em are usa

lol didnt know u could sell domains :Pu got hosting aswell?maybe you … lol didnt know u could sell domains :Pu got hosting aswell?maybe you could bash something to gether a uk help forum alk of em are usa

id second that !

just googled wii uk forum and its brought back a few website !!! so if you did set this up it may not be popular but it might !!!
btw i have added u both now!
im gonna pop onto me wii now and add yous b4 i forget haha
birdyboyuk i know your real name

***** Bird:P:P:P:
hmmmmm, iv put you guys on but cant send messages ? i must have misstyped !
lolu need to make sure u got correct number mines in op

lol i have send birdy a message

:Pbirdyboyuk i know your real name ***** Bird:P:P:P:

lol, you are privelidged!!! :thumbsup:

I think it takes a while for Ninty's servers to catch up :viking:
well all my numbers are right hehe
here is my wii code 8604-6730-5432-4186
Name is Vinny
hi Vinny welcome To HUKD

birdy what u paying for your domain + hosting?
thank you so much Ant
cant add you atm but i will later!!!

btw have ur wii's ever crashed durng using the internet channel?
ok cool, have not used the internet channel before so cant help you there sorry
only paid £1.99 for domain name, but had to pay a min 2 years. I upgraded package, haven't a clue what it costs tho! :giggle: I know its not much.

As for my Wii crashing....nope :thumbsup:

here is my wii code 8604-6730-5432-4186Name is Vinny

iv added ya vinny :p:w00t:
so far we are up to 4 for the hukd wii community

only paid £1.99 for domain name, but had to pay a min 2 years. I upgraded … only paid £1.99 for domain name, but had to pay a min 2 years. I upgraded package, haven't a clue what it costs tho! :giggle: I know its not much.As for my Wii crashing....nope :thumbsup:

if its the home its 4.99 a month

i know a good site for hosting which has specials on at the min and im thinkin about doing something like a help forum but i dunno if i have the time !!! websites / forums are dead easy to set up and manage but its the on going, plus i dont know that much about the wii hahaha !!

if some one wants this setting up i can help i think you get a years package for arround £20 (belive me ! using codes that run out 2 day 11pm PDT time) from an american site which i used for about 4 websites, only thing is u cant get a co.uk name, everything else but that !
have just added you all
:d .
wii need more wiii friends
can wii wii owners do a little thread where wii find each other the best prices for wii gear
Hey ant, like my new Avvy!! :thumbsup:
lol yer :P
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