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A kinda weird one,my nephew is nearly 7,he's got one of those guns you use on the wii and he wants a game where he can shoot people,something like cops and robbers!!

Does anyone know the name of any games suitable for his age?

He's got one where you shoot chickens and he doesn't like that,i'm not sure whether i should be worried that he wants to shoot people already lol



yh all the good ones are to old for him unless your willing to comprimise

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I did think maybe he was too young to go on a killing spree lol

Ghost squad is probably your best bet - just looked on the cover and it says its a 16 (I'm surprised - I thought it was a 12) - there's no blood (IIRC), and no swearing. So if you are ok with the concept of him shooting people on screen..................

There's Links Crossbow Training and thats about it for his age range. Depends on what type of gun too, as this one is more for the Wii Zapper than a proper gun styled, er, gun.


edit: sorry, looks like that one is a 12+ title too.

my 7 yera old plays the links crossbow game. Some are really violent though. There are targets etc to shoot on wii play, has he got that? personally though i'd go fpr wii crossbow.

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Thanks guys,i blame my OH for giving him the gun thing or whatever it's called for the wii,it's set him off on this killing spree hehe
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