Wii game rental - best deal?

Found 5th Feb 2008
Hi all,

Just recently bought a Wii and rather than stockpiling a load of games I reckon rental is the way. However, I've never game rented before, so was wondering what the best deals are - both in terms of free trial and longer term?

So far the best I've found is lovefilm £3.99 per month for 1 disc at a time/up to 2 discs a month, which would suit my needs. If thats the best one, whats the longest trial you can get with a code for lovefilm these days?

Thanks in advance for any hints!
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We have just had a 3 months free trial with Lovefilm and took advantage of their 3 discs at home service for the free period. You can change the no of discs at home before your trial ends if you want the cheaper service after the free one.

If you search the voucher section you should find the details for the 3 month trial.
i use nimblethumbs, which is only a game rental company, its more expensive, but we get several games for different consoles,
we have never had any problem with them and the games are always in good condition , sometimes a little random in regards to your priorities list,and you dont get a free trial

i do use lovefilm for discs but havent bothered with them for games i did request a trial of that service but never got it, i do find they are reasonable for dvds, but they do tend to send me stuff from the bottom of my list,
but a bonus to lovefilm is that they usually have 3 month trial codes
Doh...didnt see that the £3.99 package doesnt apply to games. Oh well, 90 day trial it is - dont really want to be paying £11 or more a month to be honest, I wont use the service that much I dont think, probably only want like 1 game a month! Any further suggestions would be great though - thanks for the input so far!
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