Wii Game selection help!

Just ordered a Wii with sports for my 12 year old daughter but completely lost as to 1. what else I might need 2. what games to buy.

She has a DS lite - loves Brain training, Mario, monkey ball etc

anyone have an idea of the best games to buy her - someone mentioned boogie?

I also don't know what other controllers etc I might need? Do I need that Wii play thing that no-one can get a hold of?



has she got sing star?

The cheapest way to buy another controller is to buy it with with play ( sounds like the games on wii play will be ideal for your daughter too ) They are available at dixons now work out at £36.69 after quidco delivered ( wii play and remote ) My children love playing on the wii sports so much ( Many people have said that the best game out is the one you get with it!! ) I am sure that this game alone will keep her happy for a while ( judging by the stock situation she is quite lucky to be getting one )......:-D

If you did want to buy a game as well super mario galaxy is out on the 16/11/07, look out for a cheap deal on release ( usually ASDA ) and also the BRILLIANT super paper mario should drop in price when the new mario game is released.

Carnival games would be ideal, as would play with the extra controller.

Boogie isn't that great for me atm, but i haven't given it much time - but it's a lot of money to spend on a not so great game (if that's what it turns out to be)

Big brain acadamy is great

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has she got sing star?

nope and clueless as to what that is?
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