wii games

are they any cheap wii games about ?
for my kids they are 7 and 5 , girls.


hi try amazon got one for my 6 year old grandson for £9.99:thumbsup:

i got carnival for £9.99 from play.com

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thanks rep added, anyone else any more ideas ?

Well I've spent Christmas at my girlfriends and her 3 little ones, and we've managed to pick up some fantastic bargains for Christmas presents. So much so that I'm still buying games and I'm due to go back home soon haha.

Anyway, the best thing you can do is check out reviews first before buying. Some games which I thought were going to be good (were rated pretty poorly by magazines / online sites) such as Mini Golf.

The Lego games are supposedly very good. We picked up Lego Indiana Jones (there is a video trailer floating about - check out YouTube) for around £15. This was being sold at Argos, Game and GameStation (although the latter was a little more at £17). Compared to £25 elsewhere it was a steal.

Petz Sports: Dog Playground was purchased for around £17 at Game.

Mario Kart (with wheel) has dropped dramatically in most stores. A great game, especialy on multiplayer. Extra wheels should not cost you more than £10. You can get some from Argos at around £6-7.

Wii Music at ASDA is £23 something. I bought that when I found out it was reduced from £32 and it's still pretty high elsewhere. It's not a game though, but is still fun so do read reviews first.

Also Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - Can be purchased for around £25 or under in the right places. Argos, ASDA and Game were good places o find for prices.

Overall we haven't paid full price for one game. You could save the extra points for additional controllers, wheels or even Wii Points to spend on retro games. The good ol' Bomberman is a classic which you will all love. Do read up on it though as some controllers only work with some games.

Hope this helps!

Just an addition to the post above.

Petz Sports is now £14.98 at Game, and Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games is now under £20! Bargain!
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