wii games ???

hiyas anyone knowlegable in wii sport game?? can anyone tell me please if you can unlock new scenery and holes for golf and the bowling etc or is it basically your lot on the game my stepson is adamant you can unlock extra bits for golf at least?? may not be a mega important subject matter but i just beat my hubby in golf lol and want to do more !!! i know sad or wot lol anyway ta for any replies...



No im almost 100% sure you caznt unlock extra courses


I'm really disappointed with the whole wii, wii games and the wii fit, it's ****!

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thanks for the info guess its time for a new game then lol anyone selling any games on the cheap lol xxx karen.


aww my little chappie loves his wii, he goes on it every day, and likes all the games so far, he wants a wii fot for xmas and animal crossing for his birthday


awww i know hun, but its what he wants, you cant tell a 6 yr old its cack, they have to se it for themselves



I know, that's why I bought it,(kiddy pressure) but seriously, big … I know, that's why I bought it,(kiddy pressure) but seriously, big regrets, it's useless

he loves it on the ds, to be fair all the games we got him he plays on, apart from sonic unleashed that got traded back in



woah sonic unleashed, say no more......................

gawd it was cack, thankfully got it when £15 and got trade in of £14

well you can train on wii sports
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