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I'm loving my Wii but haven't even set it up in my new house (been there almost 4 weeks now) because my interest in Wii Sports is waning.

With all the costs of moving my wallet is void of anything of any remote interest, therefore I was hoping that somebody could recommend where I can buy cheaper Wii games. £39.99 for a game would probably get me a slap from the missus, although the Godfather one that comes out tomorrow may just be worth the pain.

Any suggestions welcome.



Exite truck was £19.99 at gamestation, one of the best games i have played.

Try getting some Gamecube games, the Wii is backwards compatible. I'm selling a few in this thread

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Cheers for that, I'll take a look. Rep for both of you.

I'm off work all next week, I have a pub over the road from my house and the nintendo wii will be set up in the living room. This calls for a celebration!

Asda has a few at £15 ish -
Ant Bully
Super Fruitfall
Gottleib Pinball.

Worth a play as resale is only a couple quid less so cheaper than a rental.
Otherwise lots of bargains online, especially with the likes of choicesuk.com and their 10% off code best10.

Use find-games.co.uk/sea…asp or such websites to check out cheapest place for the ones that interest you. Most can be had for 20-25 *except Zelda + wii play!

It depends what you like really. Being a typical femail i do not like games where you shoot people or things like that. I traded in my Zelda for Wario smooth moves and it is GREAT!
[url]www.gamespot.co.uk[/url] is a really good website with loads of video reviews, I think Wario actually has the top score review of all of the wii games out!

Its loads of mirco games and is crazy and fun, you gotta think fast though.

A lot of people really rate Rayman but i cant get on with it so today im gonna trade it in at Game for super monkey ball banana blitz as I can get £25 for Rayman, buy Super Monkey for £20 and get 2000wii points for £7. So £2 in all. Im hoping Super Monkey is good!

Oh and if you like the golf on Sports, my boyfriend LOVES tiger woods golf on the wii

Hope that helps!!

Super monkey ball is definitely worth having.. doesnt last long though as it is a little on the easy side! 2k wii points is nice too. Must buy myself some lol.

Don't worry about it being easy! I am notoriously bad at ANY computer game lol, before me and my boyfriend got our wii I hadn't played a computer game since my Mastersystem!
Eventually i think I will need to get a normal controller coz i heard that some of the games on the virtual console don't work with the wiimote

I've now brought Madden, Tony Hawks, Wii Play, Super Fruitfall, Call of Duty, Red Steel and SSX Blur and the only thing i've really played still is.........bowling. I want that 300 game soooo bad!!! And i read bad things about Tiger Woods but everyone keeps telling me how good it is so i think that's next. IF i ever take Wii sports out. lol.

And as for the question Scouser78, i've got a lot of mine off eBay and the only 2 i paid more than £20 for was Call of Duty 3 (£22) and Wii Play with WiiMote and a nunchuck for £24.99 on buy it now.

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Cheers for all the feedback. Will go hunting today for some bargains.

I'm not sure where, but if you search the forum, there is a page dedicated to the cheapest Wii games available (Many from Powerplay direct, Blah, Choices UK etc) if that's any use to you?

As an example, I got Super Monkeyball Banana Blitz for £19.99 (inc. free delivery), whereas in Virgin, HMV etc it is £39.99.

PS - Remember to browse the vouchers page for extra £££ off!

Edit : Try this page for starters! - May be worth searching for Wii Games, Nintendo games etc for any other offers currently floating round!


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Good work ns.macd. Have some rep on me!
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