wii games cheap or free?

hi people got the wii modded today and looking for cheap or free download which is fast,

whats games do you think i should get?

why do people sat wii resort not work? why? anyway around it?

when on the net on the wii is it safe? can they brick it? also is it safe to play online without bricking?

the person whos modded it as put neogamma on it but not gave me a sd card with it on, is there anyway of getting it off the wii? without downloading it?


Yes you need Wii Brick Blocker which is a program to stop it... I don't use mine on the Net or play on line incase. There is loads of info on the net but try and buy a good fast download service like Newshosting!

You can't go online with it now its modded as nintendo will shut the console down when they detect it on the netwrk.
My OH uses neogamma and a has all our games on a 500gb HD!
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