Wii Games?? Which Ones to buy/avoid

Hi there,
Could anyone enlighten me as to which are the best wii games to buy and which to definately avoid!!
I own an xbox 360 but have bought us a wii for Xmas. I have a young family (6 & 4 yrs old), but to be honest i think it will be me playing more than the kids!!!!

I've managed to get wii play with remote.

Thanks in advance


For yourself driver, parallel lines is pretty good, it can be a little difficult to control but with practice gets allot easier..

And for the kids. Carnival, funfair games. This is absolutely brilliant for kids and adults.


The two games you have at the moment ( Wii play and Wii sports ) will keep BOTH children happy for quite a while ( my children LOVE both games )

As far as the children are concerned I would avoid Sonic and the secret rings as the control system is very awkward, I couldn't get into this myself.
Super Paper Mario is a popular one and, I assume the soon to be released Mario Galaxy will be as good if not better. Legand of Zelda will probably be a good game for you and Mario Kart Wii ( released early NEXT year ) will be a brilliant game for everyone. If you wanted to buy a couple of games before christmas then argos have 2 for £35 (Eledees, super monkey ball,rayman ravings rabbits are fun )


It's worth you spending a little more getting the recharging docking station and free £5 voucher ( the batteries soon wear down on the remotes )

In my experience though you will find that wii sports and wii play are ideal games and will be probably played the most whatever games you buy in addition.

I hope this helps?

For kids.

Gotta be Rayman.

Mario Strikers good multiplayer and online, for yourself Resident Evil 4.

I too am in the same predicament(sp)

I have been advised to get Mario Party 8 as it has hundreds of mini games on it, which given the attention span of most pre-teens seems ideal as they only seem to wan to play each game for about 15 minutes before wanting t omove on.

Any thoughts?

avoid red steel
get zelda though!

Why not get the free subscription offered on here yesterday and try a few out for free. Someone more helpful than me might well be able to post the link as I can't find it.

Original Poster

Thanks for all your help guys and gals :thumbsup:

smooth moves is gr8 my kids (8 and 11 and not forgetting 34) love it
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