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I just dug out my Guitar Hero guitar for the Nintendo Wii. I've already sold the game, so I can't really test out the guitar.

I inserted a game (Wii Play) and plugged the Wii Remote into the guitar. I chose a game that requires a nunchuck (the Tank game).

When I press the buttons or move the thumb pad on the guitar, nothing happens on the actual tank game. So, I am assuming the guitar's not working?

Does anyone have a working guitar that they can test this out for me please? If you connect your Wii Remote into your guitar, and play a game other than Guitar Hero... will the Guitar respond as if the regular nunchuck was plugged in? Or is mine just broken?

Any help would be appreciated. I know I can rent the game and test it out, at the moment, I just want to see what others say first.

Thanks in advance!


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Hmm unfortunately I sold my wii Rockband stuff a while ago, so I can't test it out in person for you
All I will say is that I know the homepage you can operate it with the guitar (obviously) and I would presume the same for any other game. This is how it works with PS3 anyway (btw never try playing call of duty with a guitar lmao).
Sorry I can't be of more help I would say your best bet is to borrow from a friend? Or buy a cheap rockband 1 and sell it on quickly?

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Yeah, thanks for that tip. Will the guitars generally work on all Rockband games? I google'd it and people have said that it shouldn't be a problem. But haven't actually got it confirmed at the moment.

I don't have the link to it, but I've also read something about the guitar changing the "coding" of the wii remote when it is plugged in. So it leads me to believe that the guitar will not work on other games as the "codes" aren't recognised.
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For compatibility, use this reference…ity
This was in fact the reason why I sold my wii rockband/guitar hero stuff and bought it for PS3, as for the instruments I had, the compatibility was much better on the other console, weird I know *shrug*
All I can remember is my guitar which was a guitar hero les paul I believe, would only work with the guitar heroes, and not a rock band which was annoying to say the least...
However the rock band guitars do tend to work on both rockband/ guitar hero games I think...
Hope that kinda helps
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