Wii has been cracked.

Found 2nd Mar 2007
Not sure if this has been posted but the Wii has definitely been cracked as I have just been on my hotmail account and my mate has listed a Wii, chipped with 10 games for £300.

By the way he is into this sort of thing and makes a good living out of doing it.

So it looks like it's been done already.
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yeah seen ppl advertise them with widget or something?
Most of the games have been available for download. Im gonna wait for a softmod tho...don't wanna break my Wii! :?
The games are same size as DVD but need the hex key re-encoding or summit!
is there a way to download games to ur wii??? to play them whenever>?

also what other add ons can u get on the wii? other than the internet thing
As far as I know, you can't download straight to your Wii.
There was a release of a VC game which you transferred to your SD card, which should have let you play it.
Unfortunately, it did not work. This was because when you pay for your VC games, there is a code in the game which links it to your Wii, so doesn't enable you to play it on other Wiis.
Im sure someone will crack it one day!

Other add-ons?? I have read a few ideas like a mp3 channel and possibly a Video channel. These were other peoples ideas!
ah ok....yeah im sure soon u be able to store stuff on the sd card etc and play
has anyone got any links for this, i know the wiinja chip allows you to play back up GC games, but can't seem to find anything about the wii been hacked to play wii games.
waiting for softmod also.
thanks for the info.
I'll be waiting for a sotmod and I was sure this was only to play GC homebrew.
Got mine done last week and it's going great guns. Got a Wiinja v2. ]http//ww…com

If anyone has any specific questions I'd be glad to help. Very easy to use as it's exactly as though you are using the originals you own. Even lets me play my backups of my Gamecube origianals I own There are newer chips out such as the Wiikey and wiinja Deluxe. Wiinja v2 cost me £18 for the chip and I could have easily soldered the 5 wires myself but chose to have it done prof. It's a simple pic chip with a hex code on it soldered to the firmware chip of the dvd drive.

The backups (of the games you own ofcourse) are freely available from several sources. Only hassle at the moment is the region coding. Because it's just a dvd firmware hack (like the xbox 360) you have to use backups from the same region, although a very simple program can successfully reprogram the region (ntsc to pal) on some games and the newer chip, such as wiikey, proports to be able to do this aswell I believe.
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