wii help

    i have just bought a wii for a 7 yr old boy.. and i am now confused as to what else i need. i have not got a clue.
    i have read that the controls need to be charged aswell, what is the best item for this.
    what about accessories????


    you will need at least, 1 more wiimote and 1 more numchuck. to get the best out of it, with 2 players games.

    can still play some multiplayer games which you pass the controller round.

    that should be it really, controllers take normal batteries, or use rechargables.

    if he will want another person to play with him i would get another controller you will have 1 in the box we dont charge ours we just put batteries in also most games require a nunchuck these are about 15pound and depending on how many controllers you have you will need a nunchuck for each you could keep buying accessories i.e steering wheel if you have a driving game but i would say buy the extra controller and nunchucks and you are well on your way
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