wii insurance - is it worth paying extra £70 for 5 years cover?

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Found 14th Apr 2010
Got 2 years free with my bank account.
Bearing in mind that a new version might be on the way or hd console etc.


so if you have the free with your account you paying for 3 yrs
the machine is only a bit more then the 70£
and as you say new machine on way
and if your like me after a couple of yrs you move on to newer sytem
i think the insurance on most items are a con

You could spend all your income on insurance these days, and most of it isn't really required.

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If not that I got it for free, I ve never taken out insurance on any purchase in my life only thing I thought about it was I ve got kids 2 youngest being less than a year old and I know there are more console years ahead...never mind, Not taking the extra 3 years... I ve never owned a console for more than a year anyway except for the PS3 which I use for playing movies... I ve always sold them after about a year etc... Thanks all.

i would say definitely not as they are not too expensive now if it went wrong. Also you may have updated the machine in that time anyway.
Personally i think insurances of this sort are a bit of a rip off. Frankly better to put a little aside each month just in case something breaks and then buy new. I think you should get one year warranty anyway.

Definitely not worth the £70.
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