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    Hi all, Merry Christmas,

    I have bought my kids a wii from Christmas and it has shopping and weather channel options on it, and having troubles connections to our wireless Zoom, If we do manage to connect will it just work off our normal broadband provider or will we have to pay for the connection. There are also loads of spare boxes on the menu page..anybody know what there are for..... This is our 1st console and havent a clue what is going on

    Any advise and tips are very much welcome.


    The spare boxes are for adding more channels etc.

    The Wii works via your router if you connect it using wireless. It doesnt charge you for the connection, you just use it as you would use your PC connection. Any charges will be for other items, for example on the shopping channel or whatever but it will tell you which things are chargeable. But the connection isnt.

    We have our wii connected to our internet, no problems, but you have to have something to send the signal to the wii like a wireless router (usually has a small aerial type thing on). Our wii searched for the connection (after we opened it up in the security settings tempoarily) and added the connection, and I added the wii as a permitted 'user' as such.

    It will work off your existing broadband via your wireless router.

    You may have a security code that will need to be added into your Wii. Probably the WEP Key that was 1st done when you had the router set up. It should be about 25 letters/numbers and of course you did write this down?!

    As for the other boxes, These add channels as you go along eg Mario cart will load a channel on there for you.
    This is also my first Wii but so far all is well. Just read the manual and what the system tells you carefully and all should be well.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help guys , I have a zoom wireless router on set up connection it says wireless connection then says search for access connection..choose connection you want to connect too then says connect to zoom click on zoom....this access point is secure input password or key....we then put in our zoom password and click ok save connections,.connections savings have been saved, click ok now for connection, we click ok and get error code 52030
    Help please. thanks

    Have you got a wep key code in your settings of your router, I guess its this it needs to be allowed in the sysytem.
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