Found 6th May 2008
I have been trying to connect my wii up to my wireless broadband (Orange Livebox, well a wanadoo one).

Can anyone help? It won't accept my wep key or is this the wrong thing I am keying in? AFAIK there is no password on my BD as I could never get it to accept one.

Would be great if anyone could help before I have to call Orange call centre :o(



Orange will tell you it's the Wii

The wireless key is normally actually on the Livebox but it could be that it's been changed. You can check by logging into it from a connected wireless computer (or wired) and it's probably or All you can do is type the same number in and fingers crossed...

Next thing I'd do is unplug the Livebox for a few minutes - give it a chance to think about what it's doing…tml this might help

just click on online connection and then wireless walkthrough guide but you do need to get into your router and check the passwords!! I think thats covered in the guide though

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Thanks for that! I will try this when I get home from work later.


If all else fails ring Nintendo. I couldn't get mine to connect to the internet and after hours of trying I rang the help line. They were fantastic, took me through step by step. My fault was that the router was on channel 11 and I had to change it to channel 1, easy as that - a known problem with Virgin.

Just to make sure, are you pressing the "1" button above the USB port on the router prior to attempting connection? One of the lights on the top should then start to flash showing that the Livebox is ready to accept a new connection. Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted!

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Thanks for those, never had a chance last night, will try tonight.

Indianablues, mmmm I don't think so lol. Will do that too.
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