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Found 9th Dec 2006
Hi I'm one of the lucky owners, of a Nintendo Wii.

but I'm having trouble with the controller (wii-mote)

from playing rayman it appears that if I aim my controller at the bottom corner of the tv the pointer will be about an inch above the corner, as if it were out of sync

i put the sensor on the same shelf as my tv, using the sensor stand...

Is there a set up like the ds where you can change the limitations of the screen
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just reading a forum that says the wii is better played on a smaller tv, the logic is there
What size of TV are you playing it on?

Sounds a bit annoying as due to the space requirements of several people playing a multiplayer Wii game, it really needs the larger screen.

I want a wii.

I played on my mates on friday when he got it delivered from Amazon.

He's got a big 42inch tv that he played it on - with the sensor on top of the screen right in the middle. Seemed fine.

When you say the sensors on the same shelf as the tv... is that next to the tv? I'd try moving the sensor to the middle of the top of your TV that seems to be the best position I've heard off.
its a 42" tv, i've tried the sensor below and above, by following the information in the handbook, but still feels a bit out of sync
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