wii keeps freezing help please?

the start up screen loads but when we put a disk in and select it it goes to a blank black screen and just freezes there? anyone know what could be the problem. for some reason we can get mario kart to work but the other 8 games we have will not do anything. many thanks


when your wii freezes does it make a humming noise? mine freezes every now again i just turn it off by the main plug leave for 10 mins then try again,make sure you clean all your discs properly

Its more weird that MK works?!?! Have you looked at the discs to see if they are marked/ scuffed?!?! If not I'd say most likely could be a weak laser, best way around that is to have it modded and use an external hard drive liek I do..... faster and no load issues (and "cheaper" games of course!).

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its shows what game it is on the load up screen then just goes blank when you select it. it doesnt hum but just makes the noise that its reading the disk. i had it modded with the zelda thing ages ago then it was updated so it didnt need the sd card. all of a sudden it stopped playing copied games and we didnt play it for a while. i got it back out for the kids and it wouldnt play bought games so i formatted it but it didnt help any. now im just slightly stumped as all the disks are like new.

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ive got a video on it, is their a specific hard drive we need to use to do this please??

I use a WD passport but any usb powered drive shoudl be OK I think?


So you want advice on how to play stolen games?

Wind your neck in drama queen, none of my games are "stolen"

It's probably the CD reader that's screwed. I had exactly this problem this time last year - sent it off to Ninty and they replaced it for about £30, and I had back within about 10 days. If you've modded it, they may not touch it with a bargepole.

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