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    Im going to attempt to do a proper review thread, on wii games and keep it up to date. if you want to make a review or request one, do so in here, and ill add it to the main thread with pics and your username etc. there can be as many reviews per game as poss as it will give a good range. i say attempt as i have the idea of how ill do it...just hope it works lol

    also if anyone thinks its a good idea or not u can lmk..thanks


    Great idea if its constantly updated!

    I say go for it

    Good idea

    Count me in.

    Can I write fake reviews on games I've never played? I used to be a big poster on a gaming forum and hilariously managed to write accurate and superior reviews on games i'd never played.

    Original Poster

    lol no....ppl who have played them only as it will be for forum members to get an idea of the games...

    ill be doing some tomorrow and the main thread will be done weds and ill keep it updated..

    if you want to do a review please do it in this order, just so everyone's is the same order....cheers guys/gals

    (name of game)
    (small pic of game)
    (links to any screen shots, websites, info etc DONT PASTE outside info onto it tho link to them by all means)
    (your review)
    (marks out of ten)
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