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Found 31st Mar 2007
what dose the wii chip do

except void warrenty lol
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what dose the wii chip do except void warrenty lol

lol does what any other console chip does
yer but can it play wii back ups or just gamecube?
+ DVD I believe?
I heard there is a DVD feature either on one of the chips, or coming soon on one of the chips (hence wanting an "upgradeable by dvd" chip to keep it up to date with new features).
So.. if we have this mod done... the it will play DVD,s... ??

So.. if we have this mod done... the it will play DVD,s... ??

No, mine don't:-(
Anyone know where these guya are based?

Do you just copy the games on your PC Dvd and they work fine?
Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a soldering iron and open up the Wii and do it yourself?

I presume there are plenty of tutorials for this?
Theres a few Mod chips around..

first was the Wiinja, followed by an announcement of the Cyclowiz and the Wiikey.

Now people have copied the code from these initial chips and made multiple copies and clones including some you can "make" yourself using a PIC and resistors..

Ive used the Wiikey and The cyclowiz, both do the job fine and are upgradeable via a DVD (insert DVD, follow instructions and hey presto!).

They both allow:
Gamecube backups to work
Wii backups to work (PAL and NTSC - although some NTSC titles may have issues still - 99% are ok).
Loading of the Gamecube O/S to load homebrew cheats/games etc.

And thats it..

The wiikey is circa 6 wires and the Cyclowiz 8 wires (as it uses an external switch to work with the upgrade dvd and another wire to the reset switch) of the two - the Cyclowiz is a teensy bit harder to install.

To open your Wii you will need a Triwing Screwdriver, the screws are hidden under white square labels and the feet, theres circa 15-20 screws (guesstimate).

If you are going to mod yourself, ensure you use quality wire, kynar pref. as a lot of people have damaged Wiis by burning tracks and/or using cheap wire which doesnt work well with Wii voltages.

The contacts are fairly close together so i wouldnt recommend a novice to try and I would recommend against the Quicksolder as once its on.. its a pain if not impossible to get off without killing your Wii.. (you might need to take off/resolder if it develops a fault/etc)

Plenty of tutorials on the web..

If you're birmingham based I can mod if you need - drop a pm! :))
If anybody is interested i have got wiikey instock, i have the original chips NOT clones, these are £20 delivered to UK. PM me for more details, thanks
slightly off topic but does anyone know if nintendo are planning to release a feature in the furure so that the wii can play dvd's?

As in movies by the way
It was rumoured for a while that they would be bringing out a Wii with DVD playback, but nothing seemed to come of it. DVDs can be played though using Gamecube homebrew (Requires chip)
Theres also a program being developed for it specifically designed for the Wii - ]Clicky
Just over two months since anyone has typed in this thread so i thought i would give it a go.

whats the cheapest mod service on the net at the moment have seen them for around £40-£50... or anyone in the north yorks area that can mod and has wiikeys or other such mods?
I see all the wii copied games available for download via torrent (like the movies etc) does a chipped wii allow these to be played?
would you say it is worth doing? as I could download games so fast with my broadband but worried about warranty etc

would you say it is worth doing? as I could download games so fast with … would you say it is worth doing? as I could download games so fast with my broadband but worried about warranty etc

lets put it this way, wii = 180 mod = 40 games = 30

if you get about 10 games which you would have bought anyway, then your wii breaks then you have saved yourself enough money to buy another wii. or another console.
But what is the likleyhood of it breaking? does it happen often as Wii was a present so dont want it to break straight away as the person who got me it will not be happy
Little chance mate as long as you play is safe and stick to running PAL/EUR releases as they are not 100% region free yet. I have had a WiiKey for a few weeks now and it's a great investment.
no modders or chip sellers around then?
I just need advice ie: is it worth getting as i can download very quickly the torrent games and would be able to burn ointo DVD but dont know who would fit the chip?whats best to get etc? looked at various forums/sites very confusing
crack with the latest firmware ?
Anyone in the NW area mod the Wii ?

I really can't be @rsed doing it myself (would need to buy chip, wires. soldering iron.....)

I think I've been on it twice this year as I've got no decent games, but wont be buying any as I have a 360.....
Can anybody Mod a Wii in the North East?

Can anybody Mod a Wii in the North East?

thats wot i'm looking for one guy in saltburn console-man does them, i emailed him but no reply
anyone in west london
I've found one online that uses a wiifree chip, charge is £40 including deliveries both ways...
nah i want someone to do it infront of my face lol.
what is the best chip to get ?
im currently in hong kong and i've just bought myself a wii brand new premodded all for $2200 which is about 150quid. bargain.
and good websites to read up on these mods ?
heres a chart dunno how recent/up to date it is click ]here
Gettin my Wiikey fitted today
I heard that wiikey's were disabled in the new firmware update?

I'm in Leeds and want the WiiFree mod installed but dno anyone who does it in Leeds. Any ideas?
wiikeys werent affected in the new firmware update, the wiikey config disk didnt work automatically but there is a way around it.

if you can make it to bradford i know of a shop that does it mate

Ye I can make it to Bradford Had to work there for a few weeks before

Which shop? How much does it cost? Is it a wiikey they do or a wiifree? (and if nintendo patch it up what would happen?)

i pmd ya, not sure how much they charge mate but they been at it for years, they used to do loads of ps2's but its best to give them a ring before going, u should find their details on google or yellow pages.

and im not sure what chip they do, if you are good at soldering i suggest you do it yourself as its a 20-30 minute job and looks easy enough.


Well I'm not used to soldering so wouldn't trust myself to be honest I'll give them a ring tomorrow.

If anyone else knows anywhere, much appreciated.
i can give you a link for the wii free to be done for £40 3 day turn around from when you post it to getting it back
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