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Found 21st Dec 2010
I have bought a wii console for xmas with wii motion plus (not used it yet)
i need a extra controler but is it worth getting one with motion plus
as the console will not be used a lot as i have a ps3
Can you use wii motion plus with all wii games? is there a big diffreance Or is this for games that REQUIRE wii motion plus? Im confused.
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The motion plus will be needed for the compatible games but there are lots of games that don't require it. I only use it on Wii Sports resort but I think this is one of the better games out there (IMO). The motion plus part is an add on so if you can buy an extra controller and add a motion plus later.:)
there are certain games that require you to have the motion plus attachment, but not many.

but if you want to get the most out of wii sports resorts, it's worth getting another one.

you might pick one up cheap in the sales since they have now released the wii remote with motion plus built in.
does it make the old games play better or just the newer ones
like mario kart or wii sports as this is what pack i bought
it won't make a difference with old or any games that don't support the attachment
Wii Motion plus has been released for a year and a half. A total of 3 games actually require it.

I wouldn't exactly call it a necessity.
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