Wii noise problem

    Anyone else got a wii that's suddenly making lawnmower noises? I found open senses website and with their help, I think I've sussed it! No bending metal or dimpling brackets.

    As with scottnics idea of removing the white plastic hub to have a look and see if it was worn, I found mine wasn't?!? So that got me thinking - when I gently press on the disc bracket and thus the hub with the disc spinning, the noise vanished.

    So I cut a piece of thin clear stiff plastic from a toy wrapper (it's Christmas!) about the size of a button and sandwiched it back in between the metal bracket and the plastic hub - this has the effect of pushing the hub a little closer than normal and it works! SO FAR! It's only plastic so it shouldn't cause undue wear on the hub and it's smooth enough to not afford too much friction.

    Another thought occurred to me: there are four silver screws at the back of the drive housing and one on the left but none on the right! Surely that's bound to cause an imbalance in the pressure applied by the housing on the structure??? There isn't even any space to make your own screw hole and firm this up. So I slipped a wee piece of the same thin clear stiff plastic in the slot at the right hand face to lever it down a bit. There's a slot in the metal with a black plastic screw-hole in it. You'll find the black plastic screw-hole can move about 1mm up or down in this slot, so I wedged the slip in below it, effectively pulling the metal housing down a little further.


    Wot ?

    Mine does that noise... really quite irritating!

    Original Poster

    I'd never got inside my wii til a couple of days ago using…ujw
    It was quite straightforward presuming you have a triwing screwdriver (got mine off ebay).
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