wii, online?

    does the wii have to be connected to the internet? if so, how? can it go via my router? can you use the wii without going online? is this advisable? does it not cause problems with the xbox 360, laptop then the wii - will this be okay?


    it doesnt have to be online, but if you have wireless internet then its pretty cool to be connected and it wont interfere

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    whats the benefits?

    benefits are you can use web browzer (ok your pc is better for that, but meh). You can use the wii shop to buy retro games, you can send messages to wii friends, you can swap mii's and you can play some games like mario strikers online

    just brought a wii and its online but havent a clue whot the hell i do...........

    It did do a update (:

    First thing to do is do a system update from the Wii menu - this should get you the internet channel, Everybody Votes channel (which is really cool_ and an updated Wii Shop channel. You can move on from there.

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    does it cost? are the updates crucial?

    seen the weather and shop and a couple of others but the rest of the boxes are blank

    obtw whots all this wii points thing about?

    the rest of your boxes r spaces for your downloaded games. Wii points are used to buy downloaded games from wii channel.

    No wii online does not cost anything. it just hooks upto your wifi connection, so if u pay for net usage it costs, but if u can connect as much as u want each month, it costs no extra for your wii to be online (if that makes sense)

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    thanks guys!!!

    thanks pawsntails........but bein thick you download games? how does that work then.........(rember im thick)

    do u get to keep the game ?

    if you buy wii points (from the wii shop, or from any store selling wii items like GAME, HMV etc). You can then go to the wii shop, and use said points to download games. Once games have been downloaded you can play them as much as you want without paying anything again (even if u delete and redownload), however you can't put these games on any other wii, just your own. Downloaded games will also work offline.

    WoW does it work out cheaper than buying the disc?

    Well you don't download wii games, the games you download are for older consoles, for example N64, Super nint, Nintendo, Turbographix etc However it does mean you can get some of your old favs on your wii.

    For example I have the original Bomberman where 5 people can play.
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