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    i can use the internet on my wii, i can find eveyones score on the olympics game, i can download games on it. but when i come to medal of honor heros 2 and i go in to multiplayer and in the lobby if i pick a game i want to join it says loading and then it say i've just been disconnected, every now and a again i can get in and play. is anyone else having this problem or can anyone help.


    It may well be that there are not many people playing as the Wii IMHO is not thought of as an online multiplayer machine.

    People that are playing may be kicking you as they are playing friendly games and want to keep the game theirs.

    Can you only play with other Wiis that you have registered with or can you join in a game with anyone?

    I am not sure as I have not tried it.

    Until Nintendo sort out their site, hardly anyone will use the online services, I have been trying to swap my stars to points for an eternity, let alone play online. :x
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