Wii or PS3 for 4 and 6 year old

    I'm looking to buy a games console for my sons for Christmas. Youngest has just turned 4 and oldest 6. Has anybody had experience as to wheather the Wii or the PS3 would be best suited. Also any thoughts on what games would be suitable?




    Wii for the kiddies that young.

    for those age groups would definetley recommend the wii i have a wii and a xbox 360 and my daughter whos 4 can play the wii but not get the hang of the 360


    far too young get them lego and play outside and other stuff

    I would say the Wii as well. A lot of the games you get for it are all pretty simple and lots directed at children too. Easier to use than a 360 too for younger people.

    wii my 3 year old loves it and so does my 8 year old they play the sports the most

    for games, either a wii or a 360. For bluray get a ps3.

    Definately the Wii. Chicken shoot, sports, Carnival games and mario kart are ideal.

    a wii. 360 or ps3 is aimed at older kids aged 10 upwards.

    we have had a wii and no one played it. we have now got a ps3 and my 8 year old won't get off it! loves it. my 3 year old also likes to play some of the simpler games although not properly. (he thinks he does) he's a wizz at rub a dub dub. downloadable from playstation store. you don't need the buttons it works on the movement of the controller. had us all hooked! also the web cam games are good for littlins and it works on motion also.

    PS3 is dribble, don't bother with it, 360 is just as good.
    As per your question, get them a Wii, for what you pay for a PS3 consolke and 1 game, you could get a wii with several good quality games.
    You will also be using it yourself on a weekend before going out and any time there is a family occasion (such as christmas) people will gather round it, as any one can play simple games like Wii sports, carnival games etc.
    As you said yourself, your children are quite young, a PS3 is a very expensive piece of tech to be getting people of that age, besides which, MOST (not all ) of the games for the PS3 are engineered towards the older demographic with their graphics and gameplay, plus there just isnt that many great games for the PS3.


    why not try a miwii its designed for kids too young for the wii you get the sports pack and the games come on a cartridge of 30 games rather than a disc im selling one for 1oo pounds but it looks and plays like a wii

    i think ur child is too young for a ps3, wii is bang on for their age range! ull b their hero on christmas!...or father christmas will b!

    Wouldnt get a ps3 for anyone under 12 tbh - wii is better suited - as if they get ps3 they will want gta etc and you will end up buying it even though its full of drug taking and prostitution

    there is such thing as choosing not to buy certain games dandoc7, obviously in your house the kids wear the trousers! lol! my kids have been taught to look after things correctly so they do not break things and also all the games are screened before they are allowed them. despite the fact I don't buy older than age 12 games anyhow! we have a backward compatible ps3 so it plays all the ps2 titles and the ps3 games for us. as well as internet access etc. most of the ps2 games are for kids. we have 66 of them! and they are inexpensive. you get the best of both worlds. sorry friends but the wii was not a hit in our house. the only game everyone played was bowling. not really worth paying out £200 for. A gaming should use a proper controller the wii one is just ridiclous. do you know that the 6 axis controller for the ps3 also works on movement...without the need for a sensor bar! you can also do games similar to wii play. its called 'play' for ps2. it works on movement and you don't have to hold a controller in your hand! the kids love it. i think there are at least 3 titles in the series. each disc has at least 20 games on each. and games are being developed all the time for ps2 and ps3. my 8 years old loves all the star wars games
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