wii or x box or ps3 HELP PLEASE ??

    please help , which is best for 9-10yr old , no idea !!!!



    Wii in my opinion

    my 9 year old had a ps3 for xmas last year and now wants an xbox this year

    I would say wii def for that age, more user friendly.
    I know the x box has the kinect now but the Wii is just more fun for single and friends.

    Have you asked them which they would like? Maybe some close friends have one of the consoles and could help socialising and could swap games?

    I have a child of 5 and have all consoles,she uses the 360 most of all but probably only as it was bought before the ps3 and have the lego games (batman, Indiana Jones) and other nonexclusive kids movie tieings games.

    We have little big planet which can only be bought for the ps3 and the resources online are amazing, people have created so many levels online my daughter never gets bored of the game.
    (but as the created levels are online only we supervise her playing the game more closley as their is an option to play the game with random people, you dont have too but in the past she has selected this option).

    We have had the wii since release and has been given to my kids grandparents as had been gathering dust for a long while, but as my daughter was young and the controls/controller for the games that appeled to her were too complicated.

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    Wii, the games are very childish and online play is more or less out. The games are generally very good, but not much selection. Doesn't do HD.

    360, games tend to be more online orientated, if your child is a boy, this is what everyone has in the playground and within a year he will be asking to play online. Make sure you get a Slim console.

    PS3, games are good, but the console is more expensive. Not as many people seem to have these in my experience. Definitely the best console in my opinion, especially now it has BBC iplayer, ITV player, 4oD and Five online.

    As with all these things, it comes down to the games, for a boy, I would recommend the 360 due to the playground effect. But in reality, go with whatever your child friends have.

    xbox every time

    Just the same as his friends. From my experience the xbox and PS3 get much more use from the boys but at my school the girls prefer the Wii.

    i would say wii, only way to keep him away from obesity.




    i have all 3 consoles and i would suggest the ps3

    i personally think online games affect children negatively

    thats just my opinion

    but i would say he would enjoy an xbox the most

    ps3 = pros - offers probably best overall experience, and free to use online functions, blu ray, upscales dvd to 1080p
    cons - controller is uncomfortable to use for some people over extended times (geotech triggers can help for sholder buttons)
    Xbox= pros - nicest ergonomically designed controller, online play works better than PS3
    cons - once a credit card is added to an account you must go through hell to remove it, is no better than ps3 for offline play
    wii= pros - cheapest, some exclusive fun titles, gamecube compatible, (not too hard to chip if you are so inclined for homebrew of course )
    cons - wrists hurt after a while (some games promote repetitive strain injury RSI type movements for extended times) graphics are weak in comparison to other machines, poor online function

    overall - PS3 is most likely to have lasting appeal if the child is unbiased between Xbox and PS3
    however if online play with friends is priority then it will be whichever their current crowd of friends already has. although i doubt there is any child that would snub a ps3 and have a strop about recieving one.

    final though - dont worry about the size of the hard drive too much as the only pathetic one is probably the xbox 360 4gb model, as for PS3 anything should be fine

    happy Xmas

    The Wii can be used by all the 9 year old twins love the Wii....think it stops them from just sitting staring at the screen....they have move about so I think it keeps them occupied phsyically and mentally.....if they can't get out in bad weather they're still getting exercise. They play Wii Music, Just Dance, Wii Fit, Mario Olympics (summer and winter) and get a lot of enjoyment from it. The 13 year old loves it too....he's getting an Xbox for Chrimbo....personally I think for a 9 year old the Wii is a better choice and means the whole family can join in for even more fun!

    Xbox 360 has the best games. Be careful though, as your child will surely want Live quickly after recieving it.

    got all three
    kids play on xbox most,,kinect is good fun at moment,,

    Xboxs are really good but most games arent really suitable for a 9 year old
    Wii until he/shes a teenager

    Only a matter of time before he/she wants to go online , and theres far too many foul mouthed wanna be xbox/ps3 gangsters online ..Wii all the way for me at that age



    Only a matter of time before he/she wants to go online , and theres far … Only a matter of time before he/she wants to go online , and theres far too many foul mouthed wanna be xbox/ps3 gangsters online ..Wii all the way for me at that age

    Xbox has parental controls to avoid all that.

    Xbox 360 with Kinect is best overall - cheaper than PS3 and has more games. Online is better.
    PS3 is probably a slightly better "entertainment" machine as it can play Blu-ray and has Iplayer e.t.c
    Wii is more childish but little kids prefer it.

    I would say Xbox but it up to you!
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