Wii package, is this a good deal??

    Wii Console Option Pack 4

    Wii Console Option Pack 4 plus Remote plus Nunchuck Controller plus Mario and Sonic At The Olympics plus Super Mario Galaxy plus Lego Indiana Jones plus Pro Evolution Soccer plus Sega Superstars Tennis plus Nerf Sports Accessory Pack
    Age 7+ years.


    seems about £70 quid too much money if you ask me. As buying as a package should be little cheaper

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    Thanks, it is games that i would buy for my boys though and i can pay it up,

    have you checked bargain crazy they offering 17% discount and will increase discoutn every time team GB get a gold…ar/

    Moved to deal requests.

    Think its a really poor deal compared to prices games can be had new/pre-owned would say about £100 over priced

    i would say this is a bad deal dont buy it

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    Thanks guys, i'm not going to go for it, i'll keep my eyes open for deals on here for the kids Christmas x
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