Wii Play - EU or UK version

Hi guys,

Just had to cancel my order on Amazon.de since Wii Play is out of stock, so I'm wondering if there's anywhere else I can get it for £30~ or so? Cheers


Foxy has this at £30

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Ah, just checked and it's out of stock.

Anywhere else please?

i have a copy of Wii Play, unopened i think, bought two copies as they wouldn't let me buy seperate wiimotes. you can have the game off me if your interested, no remote though.

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Cheers for the offer, but I need a remote too I'm afraid.


Ive got Wii play coming from amazon.fr. Ive heard it might be in French language. Anyone know ?

£40 pc world if that helps

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Many thanks, I'm tempted by that but think I'll leave it a little closer 'til Christmas before spending that much on it


£40 pc world if that helps

thats delivered too

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Slightly more tempting then, I'll certainly consider it, thanks!
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