Wii Play or Remote!

Found 21st Apr 2008
In need of another remote, is the best way to do this to buy wii play and flog the game on ebay? If so where is the chepest place?
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to be honest wii play isn't all that good! if people don't know any better they'll bid the £10-£20 I've seen people asking for it.

Better off buying a remote unless you don't mind an extra fiver for some average games.
my mum got this as needed a new remote, and my daughter likes the little games so thought might aswell. We used the £5 vouvher for tesco and got it for £30 dont know if thats reasonable or not :w00t::thinking:
Tesco Entertainment selling WII remote for £24.97 and use FREEDEL code for free delivery - don't use TESCO Direct as not in stock there.:thumbsup:
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