Wii play & Wii Nunchuck thread - disappeared????


    I seem to remember reading a thread about getting the Wii play (plus additional remote) & Wii Nunchuck from The Hut.

    It involved using the 10% discount available from The Hut and selling on the additional copies of Wii play to further reduce your overall cost of obtaining the additional controllers.

    However, having searched HUKD, I now cannot find it anywhere and can't find the Nunchucks on The Hut's website anywhere (mis-spelling????).

    If anyone knows what happened to it or can talk me through it again I would be most appreciative.

    Also does anyone know of any offers out there for the racing wheel - am looking to have 4 of the remotes, nunchucks and wheels if at all possible - I understand that the Wii supports up to 4 players on certain games and as there are 2 adults & 4 kids in our family need as many to play at the same time as possible to prevent the invitable squabbling!!!!!!


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    just read it, then read your edit!!!

    Thanks anyway. :thumbsup:



    Hijust read it, then read your edit!!!Thanks anyway. :thumbsup:

    I want to find it for myself, cos I'm looking the the best price on a controller with nunchuck. Such a conthey dont sell them together

    diva told me dealextreme do the nunchuks for £7.50,dont know if they do the rest of the stuf though

    liddle was selling a couple of pairs other day dont know if he has sold them yet
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