Wii points?

Found 15th Dec 2006
Hello, is it possible to buy 1000 Wii points any where? So far all I can find is 2000 for approx £13, I would like 1000 for approx £7....am I just looking in the wrong places, or do they not sell them in 1000s?

Thanks :santa:

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Don't think so. Did a quick web search and I can only find 2000 point cards. Give it time though.

login to wii points on ur wii box and u can buy smaller bundles i believe

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Ah right, I don't actually have a Wii...it's for my fiance. I guess I will have to tell him to order them!

what are wii points for???

Buying old skool games Sarbjeet
Have a look what HMV say

ohh, thats a really good idea. thanks boydent
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