wii points

    there all 14:99 for 2ooo

    any better deals!


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    no wii point deals then!

    Good question. But I don't know of any. Maybe some of the catalogues with £10 off first order (no minumum spend) type deals may be good to buy a 2000 point card.

    I think the wii points are just a little too pricey atm. £3.50 for a nes game? I'd be happy enough if it was £1.99. In fact I wish they'd do away with the points and let you just spend cash by visa or voucher.

    I bought Mario 64 by just getting 1000 points on my visa card. The puzzling thing is that using your visa it costs £6.99 for 1000 points, £21 for 3000 and £35 for 5000. So it actually costs more per point the more you buy???... Okay, only by pennies but you'd think you'd actually save when buying bulk! What's worse is that most shops I've seen the points card for sale in are carging £20 for 2000, £6 more than they'd cost via the wii shop.

    If it helps, I bought 2000 points in Woolworths for £13.99. Small saving but still cheaper than most places

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    seems no deals yet!!!!

    1£ off is ok woolworths by me sucks tho has non
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